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Interview with people-wonderful interview with Wang Tao, sales director of IDEX China

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Interview with people-wonderful interview with Wang Tao, sales director of IDEX China

2019.10.16-10.19 Interview time : 2019.10.16-10.19

第十八届中国国际消防设备技术交流展览会,中国国际展览中心(新馆) Interview location: The 18th China International Fire Protection Equipment Technology Exchange Exhibition, China International Exhibition Center (New Hall)

访IDEX艾迪斯消防集团中国区销售总监王涛 Interviewed: Interview with Wang Tao, Sales Director of IDEX China

Interview background:

,吸引了来自20个国家和地区的601家参展厂商参加展览,展出面积达68,000平方米, 同时举办了22场高水平的技术报告会。 The 18th China International Fire Fighting Equipment Technology Exchange Exhibition attracted 601 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of 68,000 square meters, and held 22 high-level technical seminars . Attracted 40,000 spectators from more than 70 countries and regions on five continents to visit and exchange. CHINA FIRE has become an important channel for governments and fire departments at all levels to purchase firefighting equipment and equipment, and it is also an important platform for trading fire protection products in the Asia-Pacific region.

第十八届中国国际消防设备技术交流展览会 交流平台,《国际消防专刊》对IDEX艾迪斯消防集团高精尖消防装备和企业实力进行全方位现场报道,IDEX艾迪斯消防集团中国区市场战略布局进行采访报道,促进IDEX艾迪斯消防集团与全国消防救援队伍用户、经销商合作伙伴交流和关注。 Through the exchange platform of the 18th China International Fire Equipment Technology Exchange Exhibition , the International Fire Special Issue reported on all aspects of the high-precision fire equipment and enterprise strength of IDEX Fire Group. IDEX Fire Group China Market strategic layout conducted interviews and reports to promote the exchange and attention of IDEX Fire Group and the national fire rescue team users and dealer partners.

王总您好,IDEX艾迪斯消防集团作为世界顶级消防装备集团,本届国际消防展都带来哪些顶级消防装备? Reporter: Hello President Wang, as the world's top fire protection equipment group, what kind of top fire protection equipment does the international fire show bring to the IDEX?

本届展会艾迪斯消防集团带来了诸多拳头产品,如金字招牌3480/3482消防炮,AeroMaster 3000大流量消防炮,升级版水星快攻消防炮,SmartATP一键式泡沫比例混合系统,灵动版RSD消防泵,首款国内组装希尔消防泵MBP……其中升级版水星消防炮为全球同步发布,其工作压力可高达14bar, 可喷射角度更低,抓地力超强; 灵动版RSD消防泵采用铝合金齿轮箱,更紧凑轻便冷却效果更好……艾迪斯旗下的阿密龙Akron Brass 、希尔Hale、阿瓦格AWG及哥达瓦Godiva等品牌分别起源于美国俄亥俄州、宾夕法尼亚州、德国及英国,一百多年来专心做好消防泵枪炮,服务好消防车制造商及消防队伍。 Mr. Wang: Addis Fire Group brought many fist products at this exhibition, such as the gold-sign 3480/3482 fire gun, AeroMaster 3000 high-flow fire gun, upgraded Mercury fast-attack fire gun, SmartATP one-button foam ratio mixing system , Smart version of the RSD fire pump, the first domestically assembled Hill fire pump MBP ... Among them, the upgraded version of the Mercury fire cannon was released globally simultaneously, its working pressure can be up to 14bar, the spray angle can be lower, and the grip is super strong; the smart RSD The fire pump adopts aluminum alloy gear box, which is more compact and lighter. The cooling effect is better ... Brands such as Akron Brass, Hill Hale, AWG and Godiva Godiva, which are owned by Addis, originated in Ohio, USA, Pennsylvania, Germany and the United Kingdom have been devoted to fire pumps and guns for more than 100 years, serving fire truck manufacturers and fire teams. The Chinese market is one of the most important markets in the world. Addis Fire Group is committed to providing the most advanced and applicable fire protection equipment products to better protect the life and property of the country and people.


中国消防救援队伍职业化的到来对消防救援装备产业发展会带来哪些变化? Reporter: What changes will the arrival of the professionalization of the Chinese fire rescue team bring to the development of the fire rescue equipment industry?

艾迪斯消防集团非常重视中国消防救援事业与市场。 President Wang: Addis Fire Group attaches great importance to China's fire rescue business and market. In 2010, we set up an office in China and trained a team familiar with the market and products. In addition, the Tianjin production base of Addis Group has started the assembly testing and sales of the first Hill fire pump MBP. Compared with the operation mode of the industry counterparts, the market can feel the sincerity and dedication of Addis Fire Group.

With the deepening of fire protection reform, professional fire rescue teams take fire rescue as their lifelong career. They will know more about fire fighting equipment and demand will be higher to ensure that they can go home safely after the fire. And this all puts forward higher requirements for the quality, performance and service support of fire fighting equipment products, and products or companies that are in troubled water will eventually be eliminated by the market. Addis Fire Group, which is dedicated to winning customers and the market with product performance and services, welcomes the professionalization of the fire protection team and changes in market selection standards.


市场占有率是反映企业在行业中的实力最直观的数据,IDEX艾迪斯消防集团目前在中国消防救援领域市场占有率是怎样的? Reporter: The market share is the most intuitive data that reflects the strength of the company in the industry. What is the current market share of IDEX in the fire rescue field in China?

艾迪斯旗下希尔消防泵2018在中国销量首次超过1000台,同比增长40%以上,在市场较弱的2019销量仍将实现约10%增长; 希尔2018/2019在进口品牌消防泵市场占有率分别为50%/60%左右; 艾迪斯旗下阿密龙消防炮销量在2018/2019也表现强劲,3480/3482消防炮、3419阿波罗遥控炮等产品的市场占有率一直遥遥领先。 Mr. Wang: For the first time, the sales volume of Hill's fire pumps in China in 2018 exceeded 1,000 units in China, an increase of more than 40% year-on-year. The market share of pumps is about 50% / 60% respectively; the sales of Amiron fire monitors under Editis also showed strong performance in 2018/2019. Lead. I would like to thank the fire brigade and fire truck manufacturers for their support and trust in Hill Amelon. We have to work harder and live up to everyone's expectations.

消防用户和经销商对于消防装备售后服务工作越来越重视,IDEX艾迪斯消防集团是如何提供完善的产品售后服务? Reporter: Fire-fighting users and distributors pay more and more attention to the after-sales service of fire equipment. How does IDEX provide complete after-sales service for products?

艾迪斯消防集团致力于做实事并把实事做好; 消防队伍对消防装备售后服务工作越来越重视正是我们一直的期望。 President Wang: Addis Fire Group is committed to doing practical things and doing them well; the fire protection team attaches more and more importance to the after-sales service of fire protection equipment, which is what we have always expected. After the after-sales service work is done well, we can ensure that the fire fighting equipment can exert the best performance and ensure that the battle can be won in the future. 此外我们与诸多消防车辆维修中心强强联合深入合作,让我们的售后服务力量分布更广相应更迅速。 The product experts of the Edith Fire China team and the dealer after-sales team are very familiar with the product's working principle, structure, and can easily deal with various maintenance and faults. In addition, we have cooperated with many fire vehicle repair centers to make our The distribution of after-sales service power is wider and the response is faster. We also established a comprehensive parts library to quickly restore fire fighting equipment to a state of readiness. 产品故障频次太低,多数售后服务伙伴鲜有实例操作机会。 Of course, we also face new problems: the frequency of product failures is too low, and most after-sales service partners have few opportunities for example operations.


消防车产业是由消防车制造商与核心部件供应商共同来推动发展的,IDEX艾迪斯消防集团针对消防车制造商都有哪些市场支持活动? Reporter: The fire truck industry is promoted by fire truck manufacturers and core component suppliers. What kind of market support activities does IDEX Fire Group have for fire truck manufacturers?

为了提升中国消防车辆的性能水平,艾迪斯消防集团已开始在天津基地生产希尔MBP消防泵。 President Wang: In order to improve the performance level of Chinese fire fighting vehicles, Addis Fire Group has started to produce Hill MBP fire pumps at its Tianjin base. Tianjin MBP pumps have the same quality and performance as imported MBP pumps, but the price has dropped by about 20% to make more fire brigades willing to use and afford imported brand fire pumps.

For different models that use Tianjin MBP pumps and apply for the announcement or voluntary certification of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Edith will supply one MBP fire pump at half price for each model to reduce the burden of announcement or certification of the fire truck factory and achieve a win-win . We look forward to working with fire truck manufacturers to promote the industry and make China more trustworthy and entrusted.

In the future, Edith will continue to launch various market support activities to promote and lead the healthy development of China's fire protection market and effectively improve the combat effectiveness of the fire protection team.

请您谈谈IDEX艾迪斯消防集团在中国的最新市场战略发展规划? Reporter: Could you tell us about IDEX's latest market strategic development plan in China?

为更贴近服务中国市场,艾迪斯消防集团2019已开始MBP消防泵在中国的组装测试并已正式推向市场。 President Wang: In order to better serve the Chinese market, Addis Fire Group 2019 has started the assembly and testing of MBP fire pumps in China and has officially launched to the market. The assembled MBP pumps in China use the same parts and processes as the imported pumps. The product performance is exactly the same, but the delivery is faster, the service response is faster, and the price is better.

In addition, in view of the recent uncertainty of global trade policy, in order to ensure the reliable supply of high-quality and high-performance Amelon Hill products in the international market, Addis Fire Group decided to set up its AWG Fittings in Germany GmbH also produces some Amiron fire guns and Hill fire pumps to ensure the normal production of fire fighting vehicles in the international market including China, and to provide safe and reliable protection for people's lives and property.
The above products have successfully obtained 3C certificate and CCCF voluntary certification.
Edith's team is rigorous and professional, obsessed with the mining and solving of customer needs. The Chinese fire protection market is different from Europe and the United States. The original European and American solutions cannot be copied, but it must be determined whether it needs to be improved or developed separately according to the actual situation in China. Products such as Amelon foam barrels / remote-control guns and Hill RSD pump aluminum alloy gear boxes have been improved according to the actual needs of China, which better meet the needs of fire forces and improve combat effectiveness! Our consistent market strategy revolves around the core of better addressing customer needs and contributes our own strength to the development of China's fire protection industry.

非常感谢王总接受我部的采访,预祝IDEX艾迪斯消防集团在2020年取得更优异的成绩,为中国应急救援事业做出更大的贡献。 Reporter: Thank you very much, Mr. Wang, for accepting the interview with our ministry. I wish IDEX Fire Protection Group to achieve better results in 2020 and make greater contributions to China's emergency rescue business.

谢谢! President Wang: Thank you! I also wish your colleagues in the fire protection industry in China to be healthy and prosperous! I wish China's fire protection business is booming and soon surpass the world-class level! We also wish our great motherland to be more prosperous and stronger, and to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation at an early date!

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