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Hangzhou Urban Brain (Comprehensive Edition) Releases Nine Benefits Initiatives

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Core tips: leave the site first, pay the parking fee first, see a doctor first, pay for the Hangzhou park card, you can play in Jiande's park, 2019 New Year is approaching, Hangzhou City Brain will send the New Year to the citizens and visitors to Hangzhou

"Leave the scene first, then pay the parking fee" "See a doctor first, then pay for home" "Swipe the Hangzhou Park Card to play in Jiande's Park" ... 2019 New Year is coming, Hangzhou City Brain will be given to citizens and tourists from Hangzhou "New Year" gifts.
On the afternoon of December 29, Hangzhou Urban Brain (Comprehensive Edition) 2019 was released at Yunqi Town International Convention and Exhibition Center.
On the afternoon of December 29, Hangzhou Urban Brain (Comprehensive Edition) 2019 was released at Yunqi Town International Convention and Exhibition Center.
With the release of this comprehensive version, Hangzhou ’s urban brain has been extended from a single transportation area to urban management, health, tourism, and environmental protection for the first time. It has also launched nine measures to benefit the people, including transportation-wide applications, automatic fault tolerance for heavy driving, and strict strict procedures for heavy vehicles. Management, berth sharing throughout the city, first pay after seeing a doctor (Fuyang), Huashu Smart Life, Tonglu Smart Tourism, Jiande Digital Special Train, Park Jiajiao County Tour.
Transportation-wide applications. Hangzhou will use a unified platform to publish real-time traffic information to the public. How many cars are driving on the road at a certain time in Hangzhou, where is congestion, where is it clear, and which sections of the road are under control, the public can find out just by checking. Real-time warning of traffic conditions such as vehicle collisions and violations can also be handled in real time by traffic police.
UCAR is fault tolerant automatically. When the public drives, if there are three types of minor violations, such as peak shift rules, temporary parking, and not wearing a seat belt , as long as the vehicle has not committed any traffic violations for 3 consecutive months, it will not be punished, but will receive SMS warning education. WARNING After education, time starts to accumulate again.
Heavy trucks are strictly controlled throughout the process. Are there more than 50,000 engineering transport vehicles, tourist buses, operating buses and hazardous chemical transport vehicles in Hangzhou that are overloaded, overspeeded, deviated from the prescribed routes, who the drivers are, whether they are driving with fatigue, the back-end system has full time and space tracking, and relevant departments have full The process is strictly controlled, and citizens travel more safely.
Berths are shared throughout the city. Through mobile phone positioning, citizens can check which free parking spaces are nearby and guide routes on the intimate urban management and Gaode APP. Next year, we will also launch the services of "paying after leaving the venue" and "car in place". In Yunqi Town, in the future, the goal of "there is no parking space on the road as long as there is free parking space in the town" will be achieved.
Pay first after seeing a doctor. As early as 2013, Fuyang District has implemented the "see a doctor before paying" service in public medical institutions in the district. After the service system was connected to the city's brain, it was integrated with the Hangzhou City Credit Score (Qianjiang Branch) to form the 2.0 version of “Pay first to see a doctor before paying”. In the future, the coverage of Fuyang District's "seeing a doctor before paying" coverage has expanded from 550,000 now to 780,000 people with a score of 550 or above in Qianjiang. "New Fuyang people" living or living in Fuyang District can also rely on Qianjiang. Public medical institutions in the district enjoy first-see-me-pay services. At the same time, the initial credit line was increased to 500 yuan.
Huashu smart life. If there is a Huashu TV in the home, the citizens can inquire about traffic travel suggestions, where to go on weekends, recommended routes, the recent "Hangzhou Office" self-service terminal, personal credit points, and other information on "food, housing, travel, and entertainment".
Tonglu Smart Tourism. The Digital Tourism Line is based on the Hangzhou City Brain and provides citizens with personalized and customized travel security "smart tourism". It is the first application scenario of the City Brain Tourism System. Relying on the urban brain's insight into the distribution, behavior, and consumption of potential Tonglu tourists, it applies accurate drainage in multiple scenarios such as congested scenic spots and transportation hubs, and guides tourists to personalize booking of dedicated line products through the Alipay platform through community SMS and Huashu page, and Scan the code at the moment of boarding and write off and swim all the way. On December 22, the first digital tourist line was officially opened.
Jiande digital train. With the opening of the Hangzhou-Huangzhou high-speed railway, Jiande Digital Special Train also officially set off. As long as the tourists book the Hangzhou-Hangzhou high-speed rail ticket to Jiande and the surrounding area, their mobile phones will receive the welcome text message uniformly pushed by the platform. By clicking the link in the text message, tourists can obtain relevant transportation, accommodation, catering information and make reservations. They can also personally book special line products through the Alipay platform.
Park Jiajiao County Tour. With the launch of the urban brain tourism system, based on the detection and analysis of passenger flow data, the Hangzhou Tourism Commission, in conjunction with the West Lake Resorts District Management Committee, Jiande City, and the Citizens Card Company , opened a data island and jointly exited the Hangzhou Park Year The use of tickets extends from the main urban area to districts and counties. Jiande became the first cooperation district and county for annual park tickets. During the trial period from January to March 2019, citizens with park cards can enter the five major scenic spots of Jiande Daci Rock, Lingqi Cave, Xinye Ancient Village, Good Luck Island, and Nongfushan Spring Base for free. The next step is to gradually upgrade the park card offline processing to online processing through the urban brain tourism system.