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"Data Blend Connects the Future" Shanghai Smart City Forum Smart Transportation Forum Held

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Core tips: With the explosive growth of the number of motor vehicles in our country, parking has become a major pain point in urban development, testing the wisdom of city managers. Data blending on December 28

With the explosive growth of the number of motor vehicles in our country, parking has become a major pain point for urban development, testing the wisdom of city managers. At the 2018 Shanghai Smart City Forum on Smart Transportation Forum on the theme of “Data Blending and Connecting the Future” held on December 28, representatives of all parties believed that to cure the difficult and stubborn problems of parking, smart parking needs to be incorporated into urban planning and promoted. The parking industry develops in an orderly and healthy way. This forum is sponsored by Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, Shanghai Science and Technology Association, Shanghai Economic and Information Development Research Center, Shanghai Smart City Construction Promotion Center, and Yangtze River Delta Smart City Construction Co-organized by the Development Alliance (CSCA) and implemented by Shanghai Weiren Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. The forum focuses on the products, services, and solutions needed for the continuous and in-depth advancement of Shanghai's smart transportation construction, as well as cloud computing, big data, and AI during the implementation process. The personalized needs of technology applications such as artificial intelligence, IT basic operation and maintenance, and OA collaborative ecological integration have carried out a variety of activities such as keynote speeches, round-table dialogues, difficult questions, and demand docking, which have attracted many leaders, experts and scholars in the large transportation industry. .
[Smart city, transportation first]
[Smart city, transportation first]
In the construction of smart cities, transportation is a key area. "Smart parking" is undoubtedly an important reflection of the construction of smart cities. Smart parking is considered to be the cornerstone of smart cities. Smart cities must start with the realization of smart parking. Today, the entire smart parking industry is rapidly heating up, and smart parking has entered a high-level stage.
At the forum, first of all, Shi Wenjun, deputy inspector of the Shanghai Economic and Informatization Commission, made an opening speech, and hoped that leaders and experts will focus on cloud computing, big data, The individualized needs of technology applications such as AI and artificial intelligence, in-depth discussion of communication, consultation difficulties, and docking needs, and continuously promote the implementation of Shanghai's smart transportation construction, which is effective.
In the forum's keynote session. Bao Sheng, deputy director of the Science and Technology Information Center of Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission, briefed the city on the development of intelligent transportation. Shanghai is exploring the construction and thinking of intelligent transportation, and puts forward the challenges that Shanghai faces in the development of intelligent transportation. In order to promote the development of Shanghai's intelligent transportation and promote the quality and efficiency of Shanghai's transportation, Deputy Director Bao Sheng proposed four directions of Shanghai's intelligent transportation, and fully promoted Shanghai's intelligent transportation work: intelligent infrastructure, intelligent production organization, Intelligent transportation services and intelligent decision-making supervision. And put forward the basic concept and construction focus of Shanghai intelligent transportation. Director Bao, as the organizer and implementer of Shanghai's smart transportation construction, brought to you the ideas and practices of Shanghai's smart transportation construction. At present, the hot and difficult issues encountered, and explored the direction and goal of Shanghai's future smart transportation construction as a mega city.
[Promote the orderly development of the market]
City managers start from the policy level, open up the entire city-level industrial chain, make the smart parking cake bigger, thicker, and be a good "cut cake" person
"The existence of demand has promoted the huge development potential of China's parking industry. Adjustments at the policy level have also become a booster for the outbreak of the parking market. Companies including Deloitte and Baidu have also entered this huge industry.
In this forum, corporate representatives also gave their opinions and suggestions. "Baidu Cloud ABC Empowers Smart Traffic" brought by Mr. He Ningning, Architect of Baidu Cloud Smart Transportation Solution, shared the data perception of Baidu Cloud using "Baidu Brain" , Collection, processing and artificial intelligence analysis basic platform, actively build a smart city innovation system, and build the most complete AI technology to open the ecosystem, have successively reached cooperation with Yangquan, Qingdao, Suzhou, Beijing Haidian, Xiong'an New District, etc., and promote Baidu Cloud ABC capabilities have landed in areas such as smart transportation, smart government, safe cities, and services for the people.
Ms. Jionglin Ma, Deloitte Chinese government and public service industry leader and national smart city business leader, elaborated "Deloitte's insights and insights in the field of smart cities and smart transportation", saying that the ultimate goal of smart cities is to achieve urban economy on the one hand Sustainable development, on the other hand is to achieve a happy life for urban residents. Share the global implementation case of Deloitte Global Smart Transportation Solution MOS system to improve urban transportation efficiency and solve many urban transportation problems. Mr. Shen Zhou, Technical Director of Shanghai Unicom's Internet of Things Operation Center, explained the pain points and development space of urban parking through "New Generation Internet of Things Technology to Help Smart Parking", and relying on Unicom Open Lab and NB-IOT solution in the field of smart parking The ground application will help the innovation and development of static transportation in Shanghai. And jointly released the Shanghai Unicom smart parking solution white paper. Mr. Lei Tang, Chief Engineer of Transportation of Cloudwhal Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech on “Transporting to the Cloud and Making AI at Your Fingertips”, stating that Cloudwhal Cloud Computing, as the second largest cloud computing brand under Ali, uses ET City Brain At the core, an integrated command platform based on AI and big data forms a smart transportation solution that integrates people, cars, roads, and fields, and provides transportation management support for the Shanghai World Expo and the Expo in November this year.
[It is still long to really solve the problem of city-level smart parking]
Cities that can come up with a white paper on city-level smart parking solutions like Shanghai are still rare. However, with the continuous emergence of new technologies in the fields of intelligent three-dimensional public bus garages, parking charging and replacement technologies, and shared parking spaces in the past year, various new models have emerged in the integration of the industrial chain. More and more cities in China They all started preliminary attempts, with successes and failures. At the forum, many leading companies in the industry shared examples of pilot projects with cities. In this forum, as the traffic police who directly faced the urban traffic problems, they showed us a more realistic and three-dimensional Shanghai traffic. In this forum, Hou Xinyi, Director of the Accident Prevention Department of the Traffic Police Corps, Shanghai Public Security Bureau The doctor pointed out in "Exploration of Traffic Management in the Background of Big Data": Shanghai urban traffic congestion and safety problems coexist; huge amount of travel, complicated transportation modes, and many conflicts; management elements are becoming more complex and diversified, and the Shanghai Police Bureau Traffic Police Corps Make full use of dynamic and static data accumulation, achieve scientific early warning and accurate strikes, innovate law enforcement techniques and methods, and achieve a seamless connection between the virtual management system of traffic and public safety space and real-time management, which will ensure smooth and safe road traffic in Shanghai, and facilitate convenient and fast travel Provides strong protection.
At the end of the forum, the guests focused on the hotspots, difficulties, and solutions in the implementation process of Shanghai's smart transportation construction, and how to strengthen the coordination and coordination of ecological transportation construction and ecological integration in the Yangtze River Delta regional integration framework. From in-depth discussions and intense exchanges in areas such as policy guidance, top-level design, and implementation, the thinking sparked and the interaction of guests benefited a lot.
Through this forum, many large transportation industry leaders, experts, organizers, and implementers have a clearer understanding of the current status of smart transportation construction in Shanghai and even the Yangtze River Delta region, and have clearer goals for the future direction of smart transportation construction.
The road to eradicate the "stubborn disease" of urban parking difficulties is still a long way. This will be a process of continuous exploration and trial and error, which requires further close communication and cooperation between the government, industry and enterprises to jointly seek a more optimal solution. On the road of smart transportation construction, we are facing huge challenges and opportunities. Let us focus on the ground together, really work hard and look forward to a wonderful future!