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The "model fire squadron" of the Huangpu detachment of the Shanghai Fire Rescue Corps strives to be a model

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Core Tips: The station squadron of Huangpu detachment of Shanghai Fire Rescue Corps was founded in October 1920. In 1999, the station squadron was awarded the honorary title of model fire squadron by the State Council and the Central Military Commission.

The station squadron of Huangpu detachment of Shanghai Fire Rescue Corps was founded in October 1920. In 1999, the station squadron was awarded the honorary title of "Model Fire Squadron" by the State Council and the Central Military Commission. It is the only unit in the national fire protection team to receive this honor. Since then, the squadron commander has a "model fireman's behavior manual", each party member strives to create a "model party member demonstration post", strives to be "the star of compliance", and the team up and down to comply with the rules of discipline.
The station squadron has been fighting for a long time in the field of operational readiness. It mainly undertakes fire fighting, disaster relief and social assistance tasks covering an area of 3.21 square kilometers (population density up to 100,000) in the core area of Shanghai, Huangpu District. Since 1999, the station squadron has received more than 11,600 police officers, dispatched more than 17,500 vehicles, dispatched more than 130,000 police officers, and protected property value of about 900 million yuan; successfully completed the New Nanjing cruise ship fire, Wenchuan earthquake relief, Shanghai Metro 10 Major fire extinguishing, rescue and disaster relief tasks such as rear-end collisions, as well as major events such as the 2010 World Expo, the 2014 AsiaInfo Summit, and the first China International Import Expo in 2018.
The squadron pointed out that the soldiers, bearing in mind the requirements of "dedication to the people," went to Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street every month to carry out service activities such as haircuts, blood pressure measurement, blood glucose measurement, etc. For two decades, they have never stopped, serving a total of about 40,000 Shanghai residents . At the same time, the squadron strives to implement the concept of community fire protection, and visits street communities, enterprises, institutions, and primary and secondary schools to conduct fire safety training more than 80 times a year.
Aiming at the characteristics of densely distributed high-rise buildings, old-fashioned lanes, commercial complexes, and underground spaces in the area, the squadron actively explored the training mode for high-level fire fighting and rescue, underground space fire fighting and rescue professional teams, and enhanced the ability to deal with special disaster accidents; Training mode, research and development of practical training methods such as building ladders in unfavorable conditions, obstacles in dense smoke environments, and search and rescue in complex environments. In the rescue of the Shanghai Metro Line 4 collapse at the construction site and the subway Line 10 rear-end collision, the squadron, as an attack force, carried out the rescue in depth and demonstrated strong professional quality.
During the first China International Import Expo in 2018, eight squadrons of the squadron participated in the core area defense missions throughout the entire process. They had not seen the sun for two consecutive months. * A big battle.
At the same time, the squadron innovated the "three-three-two" physical training method, dynamically adjusted the training intensity, and significantly improved the physical fitness of the combatants, realizing a long-term shift to full-time training. In the 2018 winter training assessment of the national fire brigade, the station squadron won the best performance in the country on behalf of the Shanghai Fire Rescue Corps.
In team building, the party branch of the squadron always keeps in mind the fine tradition of the fire brigade and builds iron teams with iron discipline. Squadron cadres kept an eye on team management and relaxed inward. They screened for possible new problems one by one, and explored and introduced the "Twenty-Five Rigid Measures for Regularization Management of Station Squadron Reform." "Four Positioning" management, adopting the "One Four One" model, insisting on "grasping long and catching the rules" and establishing a new image of "flame blue". The combatants spontaneously set up a "firefighters inspection team", with firefighters participating in daily management and conducting random checks on daily behavior development; squadron cadres are responsible for carrying out regular ideological work, establishing family WeChat groups, and regularly sharing the daily work and life of the combatants , Through the "individual + collective + party members" trinity birthday celebration model, to further stimulate the sense of honor and mission of the combatants.