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The number of fires reported in the country in the previous September dropped by 4.9% year-on-year

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Core reminder: On October 11, the Fire and Rescue Bureau of the Emergency Management Department held a press conference. Wang Wei, deputy director of the Fire and Rescue Bureau's office, introduced the national fire and receiving police from January to September. Beijing

On October 11, the Fire and Rescue Bureau of the Emergency Management Department held a press conference. Wang Wei, Deputy Director of the Office of the Fire and Rescue Bureau, introduced the national fire and the situation of receiving police from January to September.
A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned from the briefing that from January to September this year, nearly 180,000 fires were reported nationwide, 943 people were killed and 597 injured, and direct property losses were 2.655 billion yuan, a decrease of 4.9 compared with the same period last year. %, 14%, 11.3%, and 1%.
Among them, 51 major fires, 5 fewer than the same period last year; 1 major fire (on September 29, a fire broke out at a factory in Ninghai County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, causing 19 deaths and 3 injuries), a decrease from the same period last year 2; no particularly significant fires occurred.
The data shows that a total of 974,000 fire rescue teams were dispatched across the country, an increase of 6.3% over the same period of last year. A total of 10.041 million firefighters and 1.767 million firefighting vehicles were dispatched, and rescued people in distress from various types of disasters. 124,000 people, 396,000 people were evacuated and transferred, and the value of rescue and protection assets was 16.2 billion yuan.
From the cause of the fire, 32.8% of fires were caused by electricity, and 45.1% of the larger fires were caused by electricity. In addition, accidental use of fire accounted for 22.3%, smoking accounted for 7.4%, spontaneous combustion accounted for 4.7%, and production operations accounted for 3.9%, playing with fire accounted for 3.2%, set fire to account for 1.3%, lightning static electricity accounted for 0.2%, unknown reasons accounted for 3.9%, other reasons accounted for 16.9%, and 3.5% were still under investigation.
In October 2018, the fire rescue team was transferred to the Emergency Management Department as a whole. At the briefing yesterday, it also introduced the management and education of the fire rescue team since the reform and transformation.
The reporter from Beiqing Daily learned that in the past year, the Fire and Rescue Bureau Party Committee has studied the work of party style and clean government 11 times, studied and formulated a number of measures to strictly supervise and manage the members of the Party Committee team, and carried out the theme education of “not forgetting the original heart and remembering the mission”. Promote special "rectification of problems", 100-day safety creation, and corruption control in the field of fire protection law enforcement, and work hard to eliminate the accumulation of shortcomings which are strongly reflected by the masses and restrict the fire rescue work and team development.
Carry out political inspections of unit-level units, and conduct the first round of inspections on party organizations of 5 units of Liaoning, Fujian, Chongqing, Xinjiang Fire Rescue Corps and Tianjin Fire Research Institute. Suggestions for classification and treatment of problems found during inspections, implementation of "bill-style" management, completion of rectification within a time limit, and report of the situation in writing. At the same time, a verification team was set up to carry out centralized verification on clues about disciplinary violations involving leading cadres, and achieved good results.