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The 2019 National Emergency Management Law Popularization Knowledge Competition Finals will be held

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Core reminder: Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Emergency Management, the General Office of the Ministry of Justice, and the National Law Office on the launch of the 2019 National Emergency Management Law Popularization Knowledge Contest Finals Emergency Office Letter [2019] No. 522

Office of Emergency Management, Office of Justice, Office of National Law Enforcement

Notice on the Finals of the 2019 National Emergency Management Law Popularization Knowledge Contest

Emergency Hall Letter [2019] No. 522

Relevant units:
The national online answers to the national emergency management knowledge contest have been completed. The top 10 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government) and representatives of central enterprises who answered the questions online were qualified for the finals. The relevant matters of the finals are notified as follows:
I. Participating in the finals
(1) Provincial teams (10): Shandong, Hubei, Jiangsu, Anhui, Gansu, Hunan, Henan, Guangdong, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Shanxi Provincial Teams.
(2) Central Enterprise Teams (10): China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, State Grid Corporation of China, National Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Construction Group Co., Ltd., China Aluminum Group Co., Ltd., and China Reserve Grain Management Group Co., Ltd., China FAW Group Co., Ltd., China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, China Resources (Group) Co., Ltd., China Merchants Group Co., Ltd.
Second, the final time and place
The finals will run from November 11-12, 2019 for a total of 2 days. Check-in all day on the 10th. Registration address: Shenzhen Maple City Hotel (Address: 1039 Nanshan Avenue, Nanshan District. Tel: 0755-26412222).
Third, the finals content, schedule and awards
(I) Finals content.
1. Practice the game session. The content includes safety management , disaster prevention and mitigation, emergency rescue and other emergency management knowledge contests, rescue practice simulations, and basic skills contests. The actual competition was won by 8 participating teams and entered into the knowledge contest (the top 4 provincial teams and the top 4 corporate teams).
2. Knowledge contest. The question types include three types of required questions, quick answers, and risk questions. The winning team's actual competition score is used as the basic score, and the score is calculated based on this score.
(2) Schedule.
1. On November 11th, a hands-on competition will be held throughout the day. Participants will be 20 teams qualified for the finals.
2. On the morning of November 12th, the eight participating teams who won the hands-on competitions participated in the knowledge contest, decided the final ranking, and then held the award ceremony. The other 12 participating teams watched the scene. Responsible persons from the Ministry of Emergency Management, the Ministry of Justice, the National Law Enforcement Office, Guangdong Province and Shenzhen attended and presented awards.
3. On the afternoon of November 12, all participating teams participated in the summary of the competition activities, and the first participating team representative made a speech.
(3) Awards.
Provincial teams and corporate teams participating in the finals will be ranked first, second, third, and winners according to the total score. The other six teams will receive the award for outstanding organization. Medals and certificates of honor.
Relevant requirements
(1) Composition of the team members. Provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and central enterprises that have obtained qualifications to participate in the finals should form a team of five people to participate in the finals (among them, there should be no less than two Chinese enterprises and institutions in each provincial team, and basic employees in the central enterprise team. Not less than 2 people). The team leader and staff must not exceed 2 people. Participating teams qualified for the finals should conduct their own political review and submit the list of participating teams by October 25 (see attachment). Contact person and contact information: Chen Lin, Zheng Zhiqiang, Department of Policies and Regulations, Ministry of Emergency Management, 010-83933151, 3152; Zheng Xue and Li Sai, Publicity and Education Center of Ministry of Emergency Management, 010-64463770 (fax).
(2) Notes for participating teams. All participating teams should dress uniformly. Among them, the sports competition prepares sports clothing and the knowledge contest links prepare formal wear. All participating teams will pay for their own accommodation and transportation.
(3) Seriously sum up the experience of competition activities. All localities and units must sum up experience in a timely manner, combine their actual work, give full play to their own advantages, actively explore new methods and ways of publicity and education in emergency management, and effectively promote the popularization of law in emergency management, continuously improve the awareness of the rule of law in the whole society, and promote the awareness of safe production among the people And emergency self-rescue and mutual rescue capabilities to better give play to the role of the rule of law in guiding and regulating. Please send your summary materials to your email address (yjpfxc@126.com) on October 23.
Attachment: Registration form for participating in the finals
Office of Emergency Management, Office of Justice, Office of National Law Enforcement
October 21, 2019