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The first anniversary of "Flame Blue" is another year of fire propaganda month, and fire safety "shakes" out!

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Core reminder: November is China's national fire protection publicity month. The number of months and days on November 9 is the same as the fire alarm phone number 119 in China. At this time, when the air is dry and the fire is prone, fires are happening all over the country.

Every year in November is China's national fire awareness month. The number of months and days on November 9 is the same as the fire alarm phone number 119 in our country. At this time, when the air is dry and the fire is prone, fire prevention work is being carried out in all parts of the country in winter. Therefore, in order to raise the awareness of fire safety for the whole people and make "119" more popular, November 9 of each year is designated as the national "Fire Prevention Publicity Day". This year's "Fire Safety Month" will launch a series of activities around the theme of "preventing fire risks and building a beautiful home", with the aim of increasing fire safety publicity, promoting the socialization of fire publicity work, and strengthening the national fire protection legal concept and fire safety awareness. Prevent and reduce fire accidents.

Create Flame Smurf IP, popularize firefighting knowledge for the whole people

Fire safety involves millions of households and is related to the safety of people's lives and property. In order to improve the people's methods and cognition of fire protection, and expand publicity and influence, the national fire rescue team will launch the "Flame Smurfs" project in conjunction with the Douyin short video platform to help the fire protection industry develop further. Through lively and vivid fire-fighting knowledge-based short videos, we will further promote the main responsibility of fire safety and improve the quality of fire safety for all people. The "Flame Smurfs" project aims to call on all sectors of society and the general public to pay more attention to fire protection and participate in fire protection, and jointly create a better fire safety environment.

Douyin experts help out, drive the second creation

,将“新内容、新创意、新玩法”的新活力注入到消防宣传中。 Heilongjiang Provincial Fire and Rescue Corps will be launched as the "Flame Smurfs" project. On November 7th, it will launch a trembling topic # to pay tribute to the Smurfs , injecting new vitality of "new content, new ideas, new ways of play" into fire propaganda. In addition, this topic also invited Dong Xin from Heihe Branch of Heilongjiang Fire Rescue Corps to help out. When talking about Dong Xin, not many people may know the name, but talking about "Heihe Three Cannons" will remind you of the man who wiped the dust off the national emblem with his sleeve. This fearless sacrifice "retrograde fire field", "Heihe Three Cannons" use work and family to convey a positive life, use vibrato to record the good life around them, and speak for the fire!

Creative gesture dance, keep the fire knowledge in mind

This topic will use fire gesture dance as the main communication. By adapting the vibrato magic song as a video BGM, the original lyrics will be adapted into fire knowledge points. Using fire science knowledge as the content, the fire propaganda will return to the public and narrow the gap with the public. Resonate, attract more and more people to understand and participate in fire protection in a short period of time, and use their own actions and creativity to upload videos to interact and promote rapid fission.

This trembling topic #tribute to the flame smurfs aims to raise the awareness of fire safety among the entire population and allow users to participate in the creation of short videos through the most popular communication platform at the moment. "Rescue" after the event is far worse than "prevention" before the event. Learning fire safety knowledge will keep us as far away from danger as possible. Before the fire, everyone was actually a fire guard. While guarding against fire, let us salute the firefighters !