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How to improve grassroots emergency management capabilities? Here is a "new experiment"

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Core Tips: 1 + 11 emergency management command system, that is, 1 general command and 11 special commands including production safety, fire safety, flood and drought relief, earthquake relief, transportation, etc.

■ The county government has established a "1 + 11" emergency management command system, that is, a general headquarters and 11 special headquarters for production safety , fire safety, flood and drought resistance, earthquake relief, and transportation.
■ The establishment of an emergency rescue squadron directly under the county emergency management bureau and stationed in the township is a pioneering initiative of the Lankao County Party Committee and County Government.
■ When grid personnel at all levels find the danger, they will report to the township through the platform as soon as possible, and the township will report to the emergency command center of the county emergency management bureau according to the risk level. "A hundred responses".
Lankao County, Henan Province is the birthplace of Jiao Yulu's spirit. Historically, it was Jiao Yulu who led the people of Lankao to conduct numerous "experiments" before successfully managing the "three harms". Today, at the last bend of the Jiuqu Yellow River, 850,000 people are distributed in 13 towns, 3 streets, 436 administrative villages, and 22 communities. "Experiments" are underway.
"A hundred responses", why?
"Report the command room!" At 9:38 on November 20, the grassroots social governance comprehensive command room in Sanyizhai Township, Lankao County received a video call, and an anxious face appeared in the picture. "Some drowning was found in the Cailou Village section of the Lanshang Main Canal, and the casualties were unknown!" This person was Ma Yulong, a member of the grid in Cailou Village.
From this moment, Cailou Village, Sanyizhai Township, Lankao County Emergency Management Bureau and other relevant departments, including social rescue teams, have moved according to the plan. It can be said that "every response".
The above scene is actually an emergency drill. But why is it "a hundred responses"? The reason behind this lies in the strong support of Lankao County Party Committee and County Government for the reform of emergency management institutions.
Cai Songtao, member of the Standing Committee of the Kaifeng Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Lankao County Party Committee, said at the first meeting of the county committee's comprehensive deepening reform committee that it is necessary to place the people's sense of gain, happiness, and security in a prominent position. In this institutional reform, he personally deployed to vigorously promote the emergency management reform and development. The county government has set up a "1 + 11" emergency management command system, that is, a general headquarters and 11 special headquarters including production safety, fire safety, flood and drought resistance, earthquake relief, and transportation. The county head Li Mingjun is the overall headquarters. The commander and county emergency management bureau are involved in the work of each headquarters, clarify the responsibilities of safety production and emergency management of the competent departments of various industries, and implement them into the "three fixed" plan of relevant departments.
Lankao County Emergency Management Bureau was established on January 31, 2019. In terms of staffing, it has received strong support from the county party committee and county government. There are currently 196 cadres and employees. It is worth noting that there are two teams extending to the grassroots level, one is a squadron of law enforcement deep in grassroots law enforcement, a total of four, responsible for the comprehensive production safety law enforcement work of the county's hazardous chemicals, fireworks, industrial and mining trade; There is also an emergency rescue squadron stationed in the township, and there are also four, responsible for emergency rescue of all townships except urban areas.
The establishment of an emergency rescue squadron directly under the county emergency management bureau and stationed in the township is a pioneering initiative of the Lankao County Party Committee and County Government. At the present stage in China, most of the emergency rescue forces in urban areas are higher than those in towns and villages, so most of them implement the model of "towns and towns are in trouble, and urban areas are reinforced." However, unlike the general urban area located in the middle of the county area, the Lankao urban area is located in the western part of the county area, and the townships under its jurisdiction expand to the east. The mode of urban area assistance to the townships is a bit different for the Huanghetan district county, which has arduous tasks such as flood fighting, flood prevention and disaster relief. Realistic. As a result, emergency rescue squadrons came into being.
From the map suspended by the emergency command center of the Lankao County Emergency Management Bureau, the four emergency rescue squadrons can be seen at a glance. Immediately to the northeast of the city is Liyang Squadron. The emergency rescue coverage covers Liyang Town and Guying Town. The east direction is Yanlou Squadron, which covers Yanlou Township, Hongmiao Town, and Yifeng Township. Yanlou Squadron is eastward. Kaocheng Squadron covers Kaocheng Town, Xuhe Township, and Grape Township; Liyang Squadron East and Kaocheng Squadron North are Nanzhang Squadron, covering Nanzhang Township, Mengzhai Township, and Xiaosong Township.
Each squadron is equipped with 2 fire trucks and 1 emergency rescue vehicle, with independent office and training grounds, emergency rescue protective equipment, walkie-talkies, emergency disposal equipment, law enforcement recorders, and mobile communication equipment. The team members are all career establishments, and they have come through unified examinations. Most of them are veterans. The weekly broadcaster who has made first class achievements in the army is a member of the Kaocheng emergency rescue squadron. He is on duty for 48 hours and on holiday for 48 hours. His monthly salary is about 3,000 yuan, including a high-risk special allowance of 500 yuan and a post allowance of 220 yuan. His squadron is adjacent to the Kaocheng government. The office area is 300 square meters. 14 members are on duty. The staff on duty are always on standby for 24 hours. The S313 Provincial Highway is on the way out. 2 fire engines and 1 emergency rescue vehicle are on standby at any time. .
As recently as November 11, a vegetable greenhouse in a household in Grapeville was on fire. Seven people on duty on the day of the Kaocheng Squadron arrived at the scene with two fire engines and extinguished the fire for 3 hours to stop the fire. Spread to other greenhouses around.
Since the beginning of this year, four emergency rescue squadrons have carried out 187 rescues, extinguished 174 fires, rescued 26 people trapped, and recovered 10.38 million yuan in property losses.
With the team, how to achieve team linkage? The “one center, four platforms” for basic social governance created by Lankao County Party Committee and County Government is an important guarantee for emergency response. The first center is Lanco County Social Governance Comprehensive Command Center; the four platforms are comprehensive management platforms that coordinate the strength of party building, publicity, public security , justice, emergency, and petitions, and coordinate the strengths of urban management, agriculture, market supervision, and ecological protection. Law enforcement supervision platform, a convenient service platform for coordinating the strength of government services, medical and health, social security, civil affairs assistance and other departments, and a comprehensive supervision platform for disciplinary inspection and supervision, the People's Congress, the CPPCC, the media, and the public
The hardware has gone up, and the software has to keep up. Lankao County Emergency Management Bureau has brought the role of this platform to the extreme, effectively shortening the disposal time. After the gridmen at all levels found the danger, they reported it to the townships via the platform as soon as possible. The townships reported to the emergency command center of the county emergency management bureau according to the risk level, and the emergency command center sent the emergency plan at the first click. A hundred responses. "
How to realize the "six things" in townships?
The second part of the "experiment" is to carry out the standardization construction of "six things" for emergency management in towns and streets, that is, there are teams, mechanisms, plans, teams, materials, and training exercises.
There is a team, that is, emergency management offices are set up in various towns and streets, and three to five full-time personnel are specified to supervise and manage safety production and fire safety in the jurisdiction, and carry out disaster information investigation and reporting and emergency rescue. Taking Sanyizhai Township as an example, there are three people in its emergency management office, which is responsible for conducting weekly inspections of 12 large-scale enterprises and 4 gas stations in key areas under its jurisdiction.
There is a mechanism, which refers to the leadership mechanism for production safety and emergency management. Taking the examination of the town as an example, a safety production committee was set up with Li Bo as director, heads of all departments of the town, and party secretary of 50 administrative villages as members, and further clarified work safety responsibilities at all levels and departments.
It is easy to understand if there is a plan. For example, in the emergency rescue plan of Nanzhang Town, it is clear that the leader of the emergency rescue leadership group is the deputy secretary of the party committee and the town mayor Zhang Rongtao. There are 7 professional groups, including the accident rescue group, the technical guidance group, the security management group, The medical rescue team, the logistics support team, the after-treatment team, and the accident investigation team are each headed by a town party committee and relevant government comrades.
Having teams refers to the construction of emergency teams in various townships. Nanzhang Town requires all production and operation units in the area to establish emergency rescue organizations, and units with small production scales should be equipped with part-time emergency rescue personnel. The town is the largest township in Lankao County, with more than 100 enterprises above designated size and more than 500 small-hand workshops. In towns with few enterprises, such as Sanyi Village and Kaocheng Town, militiamen are the main force for emergency rescue. There are more than 30 key militiamen in Sanyi Village. Dongbatou Town fully gives play to the role of party members. In addition to village cadres, there are more than 1,000 ordinary party members in the village. They mobilized these party members to investigate hidden dangers and deal with dangerous situations, which greatly enriched the village-level emergency response force.
There are supplies, that is, emergency supplies reserves. Most townships rely on militia platoons for emergency supplies. Si Xiangxi, deputy minister of the Armed Department of Nanchang Town and platoon leader of the militia, said that their warehouse contains more than 30 kinds of emergency rescue materials such as life jackets, iron picks, emergency lights, and emergency shields.
The last requirement of standardization construction-training exercises, is mostly held by towns and emergency rescue squadrons. For example, on November 13, Xuhe Township conducted a fire evacuation drill with the Kaocheng Emergency Rescue Squadron in the township clothing market.
How to spread the "three things" at the village level?
The requirements for standardized construction of emergency management in Lankao County in administrative villages and communities are "three things", that is, there are site facilities, work systems, and equipment.
The establishment of village emergency management site facilities mainly relies on village party and mass service centers. From the screen on the second floor of the Party and Mass Service Center in Caoxinzhuang Village, Sanyizhai Township, you can see the picture of the township grassroots social governance comprehensive command room. There is a special safety production office in the party and mass service center of Dongmazhuang Village, Kaocheng Town.
Village-level emergency management mainly relies on grid-based management. Grid members inspect the village every day, and report any danger or hidden danger in a timely manner. At 11:50 on November 20th, the attendant of the emergency command center of Lankao County, Rui Rui, connected to Yi Weisong, a grid member of Caigang Village in Yifeng Township. He was conducting a fire safety inspection at the Oriental Furniture Store in the village and found the number of fire extinguishers. Less often, the owner is being notified to have a fire extinguisher. At almost the same time, Zhai Zhili, a grid member of Xiying Village, Yifeng Township, found that the fire extinguisher was out of pressure when he inspected the life supermarket in the village, and notified the owner to replace it. He also tested on site whether the owner could use the fire extinguisher correctly.
In Lankao, there are two sources of grid members. Village grid members are selected by villages and towns in each village. In principle, grid members do not serve in the village. For example, Zhu Bing, a grid member from Yangjing Village, Sanyizhai Township, comes from The same township of Dingyu Village; the community grid members are selected by the county human and social department from the departments directly under the county, uniformly assigned, stationed in each street, and then divided by the street office to each community, such as the Jianglou community in Tongxiang Street Song Yuhua, a member of the Ping'an Road Grid, was a staff member of the Market Supervision Bureau of Lankao County. In March this year, the county human resources department was reassigned.
Auxiliary police are also a force in village and community emergency teams. Lankao County has achieved 1 village and 1 police. Lu Bo is an assistant police officer in the Jianglou community of Tongxiang Street. The main channel of the Yellow River diversion in Lankao is more than 700 meters in the boundary of Jianglou. Every summer, he and the gridmen will patrol the river every day to prevent children from being by the river. Dropped into the water while playing.
Village-level emergency supplies are coordinated by all townships. The emergency supplies in Dongmazhuang Village in Kaocheng Town include tents, shovel, ropes, life jackets, etc., and 2 pump trucks. There is a special village-level emergency warehouse in Yangjing Village, Sanyizhai Township, with more than 3,000 sacks inside. The village is in the Yellow River beach area, and the flood prevention and rescue task is heavier. There is a WeChat group of more than 400 people in Yangjing Village, and at least one person in each household is in the group. Once a dangerous situation is discovered, as long as you sip in the group, the villagers at home will come together to help. In early July last year, when the village party branch secretary Yang Wei inspected the river, he found that the water had begun to hit the tourist ring on the shore. He immediately reflected to the township and informed the river affairs department to ask the villagers to help and eliminate them in time. Dangerous situation.
Rankao has suffered severe floods, sandstorms, and salinity in the history of the Lankao test. The Yellow River has repeatedly breached the route here, and natural disasters are frequent. Today's Lankao County, the biggest threat is still from the Yellow River, in addition to the wind disaster. On the evening of June 5 this year, six villages and towns in the county were severely affected by the strong wind. The county emergency management bureau quickly organized a relief team of more than 700 people to rush to the front line and work with the township and village personnel to rescue and rescue the 12 people trapped. Property loss was more than 6 million yuan.
The county's demonstration community has also achieved success, and Daizhuang Village in Yifeng Township has been named the "National Comprehensive Disaster Reduction (Safety) Demonstration Community of 2018". At present, 10 communities and administrative villages, including Yulan Community, Wangzhuang Community, Zhangzhuang Village, and Xuchang Village, are also moving towards the provincial benchmark.
"Lan Kao experiment" is exciting. However, emergency management has a long way to go and some problems still exist. Yang Baowei, secretary of the Party branch of Yangzhuang Village in Dongbatou Town, told the reporter frankly: "To be honest, our village level reserves are still a little scarce and training is not enough."
Lei Tianbo, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Lankao County Emergency Management Bureau, frankly said that there is indeed a long way to go to improve the effectiveness of emergency management at the grassroots level. "But after the first step is taken, the most important thing is to stop."