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Spring Festival curtain opens early

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Core tip: The Spring Festival in 2020 comes earlier than in previous years, and the Spring Festival comes naturally earlier. On December 18, 9 departments including the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Implementation

The Spring Festival in 2020 comes earlier than in previous years, and the Spring Festival comes naturally earlier. On December 18, nine departments including the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Opinions on Doing a Good Job in the Spring Festival Transport of 2020" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"). The "Opinions" revealed that in the 2020 Spring Festival, the national passenger shipments will reach about 3 billion, a slight increase over the previous year. Among them, roads were 2.43 billion, down 1.2%; railways were 440 million, up 8%; civil aviation was 79 million, up 8.4%; water transport was 45 million, up 9.6%.
The Opinions require that science and technology play a supporting role in the Spring Festival transport in terms of improving the basic capabilities of the Spring Festival transport. "Every region should explore the establishment of a technical support system to serve the Spring Festival, strengthen cooperation with Internet map service providers, big data companies , new media, etc., use information technology and Internet platforms to strengthen the monitoring and prediction of passenger flow and road conditions, and quickly and accurately understand the passenger's Service needs, opinions and suggestions, timely release of information, early warning, and scientific and technological means to improve management. "
In addition, the "Opinions" called for "focus on strengthening intermodal transport" and encourage "reverse spring transport." According to the data of the Spring Festival ticket issued by Ctrip earlier, during the 2020 Spring Festival, the "reverse spring festival" fever did not decrease year-on-year. Among them, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen, Kunming, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Chongqing, and Nanjing are the ten most popular destinations for the "Reverse Spring Festival". In addition, the "reverse spring festival" route has a minimum fare of 0.8%, which is even cheaper than the high-speed rail fare.
Highway travel peaks are concentrated one week after the Spring Festival starts and two days before New Year's Eve
Although the number of road trips decreased slightly year-on-year, it was still the most popular mode of travel for the masses during the 2020 Spring Festival Transport. "Since the Ctrip Spring Tickets started to be booked this year, orders have flooded in, which is about three to five times the same period last year," said Yuan Zhentao, chief operating officer of the Ctrip Tickets Division.
According to Yuan Zhentao's analysis, based on the schedule of the Spring Festival holiday this year and the situation in the past few years, it is expected that this year's Spring Festival transportation will show three characteristics in terms of highway travel: From the point of time, it is expected that within one week after the opening of the Spring Festival on January 10, and New Year's Eve The first two days will be the peak of road trips. Judging from the travel trajectory, the provinces (autonomous regions and cities) in the southeast and northwest are expected to have a travel tide, and the major cities are flowing to small cities, which objectively shows that the Spring Festival is a national " The third characteristic is the superimposition of "migrant worker flow" and "student flow", and the number of users who choose to travel by long-distance bus for an average of more than 4 hours is expected to increase. During this period, users travelling are supplemented.
At present, bus tickets for the Spring Festival can be purchased from various platforms and bus stations. In this regard, Ctrip revealed that as early as November 12 this year, some users purchased a bus ticket from Beijing Liuliqiao Bus Station to Lingyuan City, Liaoning on January 11 next year. Data provided by the Ctrip Ticket Division on December 19 shows that routes from Tianjin and Beijing to Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, Chengdu to Panzhihua, and Nanjing to Huai'an during the Spring Festival transport this year are popular.
New Year's Day return tickets are the hardest to buy
Tongcheng Yilong recently released the 2020 Chinese Spring Festival Travel Trend Report. The big data on transportation analysis analyzed and forecasted the residents' travel trends in the 2020 Spring Festival Transport. Data show that the continued high growth of passenger traffic during the Spring Festival is the specific manifestation of the escalation trend of residents' travel consumption. Specifically, the rapid growth of passenger traffic in non-first-tier cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen-reporter's note) is the main driving force for the continuous high growth of passenger traffic during the Spring Festival. Tongcheng Yilong's Spring Festival ticket booking data shows that in the first two weeks of December 2019, the number of Spring Festival ticket bookings from non-first-tier cities increased by 37.3% year-on-year, a significantly higher increase than first-tier cities. The increase in travel consumption in non-first-tier cities is mainly due to the continuous upgrade of China's civil aviation passenger infrastructure and the substantial increase in capacity.
The passenger flow trend forecast made with the booking data for the Spring Festival Car Tickets on the same platform on the Yilong platform shows that, although the passenger traffic on the national roads before the Spring Festival has risen sharply, the overall traffic is relatively stable, and there are no obvious peaks. On the New Year's Eve, there is also a clear trough. In contrast, from the second day of the new year to the sixth day of the new year, the passenger traffic of highways across the country increased rapidly, and reached the highest value during the Spring Festival during the last day of the holiday (January 30, the sixth day of the new year). This passenger flow trend also exists in the railway and civil aviation sectors.
The high concentration of return passenger traffic after the holiday is a general rule of the Spring Festival transport over the years. The Spring Festival in 2020 is relatively early. The phenomenon of student flow, migrant workers, office workers, visiting relatives and other passenger flows will be more prominent. It is expected that the return passenger flow of the Spring Festival will be even greater in 2020. For the sake of concentration, it will be more difficult to purchase tickets for railway and popular highway passenger routes. This law can also be seen from the average ticket price. Spring Festival ticket booking data from Tongcheng Yilong shows that the average fare of domestic air tickets before the Spring Festival (excluding tax and price, the same below) fluctuated within 1,000 yuan, and a price trough appeared on New Year's Eve. However, starting on the second day of the Chinese New Year (January 26, 2020), the average domestic air ticket price rose rapidly, and reached the highest point of the Spring Festival during the Spring Festival Golden Week on January 30 on January 30. On the whole, during the Spring Festival, the average domestic air ticket price has always been higher than the international air ticket, mainly because the huge domestic visits have greatly increased the passenger flow of domestic flights.
The relatively long travel distance and high concentration of passenger flow during the Spring Festival transport caused some sky-high fares to appear on some popular routes. As of December 13, 2019, the highest-priced Spring Festival ticket produced by Tongcheng Yilong Platform was a business class ticket from Haikou to Beijing on February 16, 2020. The ticket is a business class ticket from Dubai to Cape Town on the last day of the Spring Festival. The tax-free fare is close to 30,000 yuan.
The Spring Festival ticket booking data from Tongyi Yilong show that the absolute advantage of visiting relatives during the Spring Festival determines the "tidal" characteristics of the Spring Festival passenger flow, which is mainly manifested in the high passenger flow and passenger density from the eastern coastal area to the central and western regions before the holiday. After the festival, the direction of passenger flow is exactly the opposite. For those traveling during the Spring Festival, choosing reverse flow is not only easy to buy tickets, but also can enjoy a large discount if traveling by air. From a structural point of view, more than half of the domestic and international flights that are popular in and out of Hong Kong during the Spring Festival are popular tourist destinations. It can be seen that the demand for tourism consumption during the Golden Week of the Spring Festival contributed a considerable part of the passenger traffic of the Spring Festival.
The price of long-term products for outbound travel during the Spring Festival increased by 20% than usual
As of now, the booking data of Tuniu Travel Network shows that the product booking volume of the Spring Festival group in Europe, Australia and New Zealand ranks high, and the island warm winter tour and “ice and snow + aurora” combined travel products are popular. At the same time, under the trend of continued popularity of polar tours, the popularity of polar tour series products such as the Antarctic Circle and the Arctic Circle continues.
"Under the trend of consumption upgrade, vacation has become the 'normal' for Chinese New Year. Although the price of long-term outbound products for the Spring Festival group trip this year is about 20% higher than usual, it still can't stop the enthusiasm of tourists to spend the New Year. Relevant person in charge of Niu Tourism Network said that since November, the outbound long-term direction of the Spring Festival group products have received tourist registrations, and entered the peak booking period in December.
From the current booking situation of tourists, customers such as parent-child families and vacation white-collar workers are the main force of Spring Festival tourism consumption. They hope to relax and welcome the new year, while rewarding their hard work in the past year. In terms of specific product selection, group tours are still the mainstream choice for long-term outbound tourists during the Chinese New Year tour, especially those who have less first-time or outbound experience and have certain difficulties in language communication. They are more willing to choose group tours. As of now, Tuniu's booking data shows that the top ten destinations for the long-term outbound destinations during the Chinese New Year are Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, and Finland.
At the same time, some tourists choose to book niche destination tourism products in order to avoid the turbulent crowds during the Spring Festival, such as Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tunisia and other countries that are exempt from Chinese citizens. Many people plan to go to the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and other countries where Chinese tourists have grown rapidly in recent years.
"In late December and early to mid-January, short-term outbound tours and domestic tours will also usher in peak booking periods," said the person in charge of Tuniu Tourism Network.