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Escort China's economic stability

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Core tips: overall coordination and coordination, various policies form a synergy; follow the rules, grasp the rhythm of policy intensity; comprehensive analysis, do a good job of impact assessment in the process of policy introduction and implementation Current, blindly focus on the project

Overall coordination and coordination, various policies form a synergy; follow the rules and grasp the rhythm of policy intensity; comprehensive analysis, and do a good job of impact assessment in the process of policy introduction and implementation ... At present, the old road of extensive development such as blindly engaging in projects and paving is not working. It is necessary to make good use of the "golden key" of the new development concept, make scientific decisions, and escort the economy to a stable and distant future.
The Central Economic Work Conference proposed that we must establish a comprehensive and holistic concept and follow the laws of economic and social development. We must conduct comprehensive impact assessments on the introduction and adjustment of major policies and effectively implement the policies. How to establish a comprehensive and holistic concept in economic work? How to follow the rules and implement scientific strategies? The reporter interviewed industry insiders and relevant experts.
Coping with changes in the objective situation
Establish a comprehensive overall concept
"It is necessary to optimize economic governance and strengthen the overall concept from the perspective of system theory." The Central Economic Work Conference summarized the achievements and experiences of economic work in 2019, formed important understandings, and determined the key tasks for next year. The meeting proposed that the new development concept be implemented unswervingly and that "a comprehensive and holistic concept should be established." In the opinion of many experts, this requirement is timely and necessary.
Establishing a comprehensive and holistic concept is an inherent requirement for implementing the new development concept.
"China is in the tackling phase of changing the development mode, optimizing the economic structure, and transforming the growth momentum. The old road of extensive development such as project and shop stalls will not work. We must borrow the" golden key "of the new development concept to find out New grasp of good economic work. "Niu Li, deputy director of the economic forecasting department of the National Information Center, believes that the new development concept is an organic whole, covering all aspects of economy, society, ecology and so on. Replace each other. "
Establishing a comprehensive and holistic concept is also an inevitable choice to cope with changes in the development environment.
To overcome the downward pressure on the economy, overall development needs to be coordinated and coordinated. "In the past, some localities or departments often formulated policies from their own perspectives, and the 'single soldiers' advancement' was more important. At the same time when the single goal was reached, new problems and contradictions were created." Shanghai Institute of Finance and Economics Chang Hu Yijian believes that the "financial policy and monetary policy proposed by the Central Economic Working Conference must form a synergy with consumption, investment, employment, industry, regional and other policies" is a good example of the requirements of "system theory", "only various policies are developed in concert Only by forming a joint force can we better cope with the downward pressure on the economy. "
Resolving various risks and challenges requires a scientific and sound policy. "China's reform has entered the deep-water zone and the tackling period, and various deep-level contradictions have become prominent. Once problems occur in some areas, such as the increase in corporate debt defaults, it is likely to induce other risks and affect the overall development." Tsinghua University China Social Risk Assessment Study Cao Feng, the deputy director of the center, believes that in the economic work, local departments should take the overall situation into consideration, look at domestic and international issues, accurately identify and effectively control various risk points, and avoid triggering systemic risks.
Follow the law of development
Seeking dynamic balance
"The air pollution control work is usually inactive. When it comes to assessing accountability, it will be quick to make a profit and implement" one size fits all. "Catering companies in some streets and towns in the area have closed down on a large scale. More than 400 sheet metal companies have been forced to stop production ..." September 2019, Ecology The Ministry of Environment criticized the "one size fits all" behavior of environmental protection in Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong Province, and demanded that it be rectified immediately.
"People all want blue sky and white clouds. Is the environmental protection policy as strict as possible? In fact, it may not be the case. If the environmental protection constraints in a certain place are not practical, it may have an unnecessary impact on local employment and people's lives." Development Research of the State Council. Wei Jigang, director of the Second Research Office of the Ministry of Industry and Economics, believes that environmental protection policies should be compatible with the development stage and the overall situation, and it should not be "dragonfly" or excessive.
Many experts believe that any current policy must follow the law of development and "seek dynamic balance among multiple goals."
To follow the law of development, we must focus on the actual national conditions and the characteristics of the stage to ensure that the policy direction is not deviated. Niu Li believes that, as long as the economic operation is within a reasonable range, "it is necessary to maintain a constant force and introduce relevant policies around the two wheels of innovation drive and reform and opening up to promote high-quality development."
To seek dynamic balance, we must aim at highlighting contradictions, using bottom-line thinking, and grasping strength and rhythm.
From May 1, 2019, the "Comprehensive Plan for Reducing Social Insurance Rates" was implemented, and the proportion of endowment insurance units in all provinces across the country was reduced to 16%. Many companies were able to free up more funds for research and development, expand production, and increase post. At the same time, China has also ensured that pensions are paid in full and on time through measures such as transferring some state-owned capital to enrich the social security fund.
"If the social security burden is too heavy, some enterprises will run into difficulties, which will affect employment." Wei Jigang believes that the social security premium rate is reasonably defined and supporting measures are improved. This not only resolves the prominent contradiction of overburdened enterprises, but also keeps the livelihood bottom line of employment stability, and has not affected the security of pensions.
"For the Chinese economy next year, sticking to the bottom line is to ensure that the economy operates in a reasonable range, and that employment and prices do not show large fluctuations, and to keep the bottom line where systemic financial risks do not occur. To find a balance, we must make overall plans to promote stable growth and promote reform. We will adjust the structure, benefit the people ’s livelihood, prevent risks, and maintain stability to ensure a reasonable growth of the economy and a steady improvement in quality. ”Wei Jigang said.
Do a comprehensive impact assessment
More scientific and rational decisions
Many people are unfamiliar with the comprehensive impact assessment of major policies. In fact, relevant practices have been reflected in many decision-making processes.
"Since 2015, Nanjing has actively explored third-party assessments of major policy measures, and has entrusted the Municipal Administration College, Nanjing University School of Government Management, and Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment to evaluate 16 major policies. Some countermeasures have been translated into Government decision-making, "said Liu Li, director of the Nanjing Municipal Government Research Office.
In 2015, Nanjing implemented a new policy for levying sewage charges, which raised the collection standards appropriately, and some companies reported that this increased the burden. "At the end of the year, we organized a third party to conduct an assessment. On the one hand, we found that sewage charges accounted for a very low proportion of corporate costs. Increasing the levy standard is conducive to mobilizing enthusiasm for pollution control. On the other hand, we also give suggestions based on the results Implement a differentiated levy policy. "Liu Li introduced, and then Nanjing adopted relevant recommendations in the new policy introduced in 2017." Over the years, policy evaluation has improved the scientificity, accuracy, and effectiveness of policy formulation and implementation. "
At the national level, the Provisional Regulations on Major Administrative Decision-making Procedures (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") promulgated by the State Council have come into effect on September 1, 2019. Major administrative decision-making matters referred to in the Regulations include the formulation of major public policies and measures related to public services, market supervision, social management, and environmental protection, and the implementation of major public construction projects.
How to do a comprehensive impact assessment? The experts also gave suggestions.
"We must attach great importance to the risk assessment work before major decisions are made. At the same time, in the implementation process, we continuously make comprehensive analysis and rational judgment of the actual situation through indicators and data, and make emergency plans for various types of risks that may occur." Cao Feng Say.
"The introduction of adjustment policies must have clear goals, rational calculations, and meticulous plans." Wei Jigang believes that "after the introduction of a policy, how effective are the economic, social, and ecological benefits, and how much are the costs of capital, human resources, and resources? High, all need comprehensive analysis. "
In addition, it requires the concerted efforts of all sectors of society. According to the "Regulations", the procedures for the formation of major administrative decision drafts include: in addition to decision-making matters that are not disclosed in accordance with the law, opinions should be fully listened to in a way that facilitates public participation; professional and technical decision-making matters should be organized by experts, professionals Institutions shall demonstrate the necessity, feasibility, scientificity, etc .; if the implementation of a decision may adversely affect social stability, public safety, etc., the organization shall evaluate the risk controllability of the draft decision. "In the policy formulation process, the interests of all parties should be fully considered, the opinions and suggestions of all parties should be widely listened to, and procedures such as public participation and expert consultation should be well implemented, so as to find the best balance point among the various stakeholders." Liu Li said.
Cao Feng believes that the "Integrated Impact Assessment" reflects the requirements for the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities. "I believe that various localities and departments will actively implement the central requirements, make decisions more scientific and rational, and protect China's economic stability."